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Logos Bible Software: the next generation of cutting-edge technology for Bible study.

Scott Lindsey
Ministry Relations Director, Logos Bible Software

Scott Lindsey's passion is introducing the Church to the potential and power of using technology for Bible study. Scott travels over 100,000 miles per year teaching at over 40 conferences. Scott has trained and worked with the ministries of John Piper, Kay Arthur, David Jeremiah, Jack Hayford, Cuck Swindoll, and many more. Tony Evans calls Scott the "geek with a personality"!

Bible study transforms lives. And the latest generation of Logos Bible Software is the tool that helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary depth and richness in their Bible study. The software acts like a research assistant, pulling needed books from your digital library shelf, opening each to the right page, and even marking the place to start reading.

All you have to do is dive in! With Logos Bible Software, it's easy to compare Bible versions, look up parallel passages, research the culture and customs of Bible times, or launch an in-depth word easy, in fact, that the software is used by moms, dads, kids, grandparents, and Sunday School teachers all over the world yet powerful enough for the most educated seminary professor. Witness the power of technology and Bible study in the 21st century!

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